Hi! I am Robin Lynn Griffith; welcome to my writer's website! I hope that this moment finds you doing well.

For myself, most days I find the many aspects of life, people, and the world amazing and beautiful. Don't you? I hope so, and if you are not quite in that joyful, assured space or you need an energy boost, please visit my updated blog pages and read a few words of encouragement. I'm wishing you would find a good dose of center and balance for yourself there.

I'd like to invite you to spend a few moments with me on these pages. Again, visit my updated blog; listen to the audio tracks of my fiction book drafts on the audio page; check out the pictures in the photo journey books located on the offerings page; sign up for my monthly newsletter; make a comment via the contact me page; sign up to receive a free download gift from me to you; or just hang out for a bit.

I have recently been inspired to begin a "Woman's Motivational Self-Help" book along with several other projects either that I am working on right now or that I would love to start soon. In addition to a fiction novel, I also have a cookbook type of "Monthly Celebrations and Occasions" book, and a project draft titled "Joyful Tips for Moving through Grief Into Healing"

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Grab a hold of a Blessing for yourself today, and
Be Welcome Here!

Robin Lynn Griffith

June 6, 2014

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6/13/14 = Visit the Blog, there are updates! 
- Cooking through Grief, an article about food and grief

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