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Robin is a determined writer who loves to blog, loves to write food and travel articles, and has several writing projects she is working on. Her most recent focus is a "Woman's Motivational Self-Help" book.  In addition to a fictional novel, she is also compiling notes for a cookbook type of "Monthly Celebrations and Occasions" book, and a project draft titled "Joyful Tips for Moving through Grief Into Healing".

Robin has self-published several photo journal books, is an active guest blogger, and she currently contributes blog posts for a non-profit organization "The Grateful Garment Project".

Robin's recent past activities were in providing expert administrative partnership to the executive level. She spent many years in the high-tech industry, serving in that role. She has an educational background in Cultural Anthropology; she is a Certified Facilitator; and has been a successful Life Coach.

Robin has lived in the San Francisco Bay Area with her family, for over 30 years. She is a proud mother and grandmother, a volunteer, a community builder, a non-denominational Clergy, and an avid cook, with her own garden. 

Robin loves to hit the road; exploring the sights, smells, tastes, places, high-lights, and low-lights, of life, people, travel, and food adventures that can be shared with you.

When she is not out and about, Robin can be found making handcrafted jams, or watercolor painting, or being taken for a daily walk by her American Staffordshire Terrier, "Zenna".

Robin welcomes your comments and feedback and can be reached through the "Contact" page of this website. If you would like to receive a media kit, or to schedule an interview with Robin, please use the "Contact" page and someone will get back to you as soon as possible.

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June, 2014

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- Cooking through Grief, an article about food and grief

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