Work In Progress

Work in Progress eff. June, 2014

Genre Self-Help/Motivation
Current work focus = Media kit and b
ook proposal in progress:
copyright (c) Robin Lynn Griffith 2014, genre Self-Help/Motivation
"Not so Hard! Reclaiming Your Power Through Gentleness. A Woman's Daily Guide to Powerful Gentleness."



Genre Self-Help/Death and Dying
copyright (c) Robin Lynn Griffith 20
Project draft titled "Joyful Tips for Moving through Grief Into Healing"

Genre Cookbook/Entertainment
copyright (c) Robin Lynn Griffith 2014

"The Hub of the Wheel. [Ever Turning, Ever Spinning] Monthly Celebrations and Occasions. Marking the Turning of the Great Wheel, Made Easy." Monthly celebrations, planning templates, planning formats [made easy!]  Provide: Guest Planning ideas/check list; Menu Planning support; Decoration / Set-up support; Shopping support; Cooking plan/support; Service/serving support; Clean-up support. Recipes, music, cocktails/beverages, decorations, menu, extras. {Based on Earth Based Religion Calendar} copyright (c) Robin Lynn Griffith 2014  
Draft Created with DVO Cook'n (r) Software, Possible Digital Download and Soft Cover, Publishing Format TBA,
Expected completion Winter 2014

"Everyday Kitchen Adventures; A  Comfort Foods Cookbook" Re-created with template, Approximately 60-70 two sided semi glossy pages, Hard or Soft Cover, Expected completion Autumn 2015, Publishing Format TBA

Fictional Books:           

Draft title "The 3rd Dawn"; romantic sci-fi, Expected completion 2015, Published format TBD

"No Draft title", romantic suspense, set in the Monterey Bay Area, California, Expected completion Late 2014, Published format TBD


"100 Words of Hope" (article in a book"Cancer, from tears to Triumph")

"Airmid, Celtic Goddess of Healing; Introducing a lesser known deity"

"Spring Greens and Winter Blues."

"Switch it up, Its your mindset not theirs"



Always a work in progress

Guest Blogging:       

I need a new project. Anyone have a blog they would like a guest post written for? :>)


idea "Not so Hard! Reclaiming Your Power Through Gentleness." Sub: "A Woman's Daily Guide to Powerful Gentleness."

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- Cooking through Grief, an article about food and grief

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